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My name is Travis and I created this page to honor my wife Miemo. Bebe and I decided to recently make a youtube channel, living our lives and going on adventures together and build the memories that will last forever and to distract us from recent tragic events.

Miemo was born in Baton Rouge, LA back in Feb 27, 1985. She was a bright light in this dark world and always lit up a room with her brilliant personality. She was an amazing wife and mother that I could not have asked for a better person to spend my life with. We had a beautiful girl together in June of 2015 and life was amazing having having our cute little family. We did everything together and enjoyed life to the fullest. We had dreams of growing old together and having another child to fill our house with more joy. We where excited to watch our babies grow into adults and see what they become. We where excited at the idea of being grandparents together one day and retiring together to travel the world while holding each others hands. We had talked about being that couple that held each others hands when in our final days and dying together. I really wish thats how it turned out to be.

I miss my wife… and our daughter misses her mother, more than anything in this world.

August 14th, 2019 marks the worst date in our history. They day our beloved died, in a tragic auto accident. The driver at fault, who was an 18 year old, was speeding at 85mph in a 45mph zone with houses off to the side of the road. The road where the accident occurred had a slight bend in it. It’s seems as though where the impact took place, he had not turned his vehicle with the curve and went straight through the median and into my wife’s front end of her car. The impact was so heavy that it crumpled her front end into the cabin of her car, causing her steering wheel to crush her organs in her abdomen causing fatal internal bleeding and severely breaking one of her legs. Her arms where damaged as well and she had a couple dents in her face. Her head had hit the a pillar causing her to get knocked out cold. My daughter was also in the car at the time and had sustained a concussion as well as bruising all over her body. I’m surprised she even survived as well from the sheer heavy impact that knocked the car out of the road and into the grass side of road. Our daughter even tried to wake up her mom as her body lays their lifeless. She tried to unbuckle herself to call me to come rescue her. Our daughter now has to grow up with that memory of witnessing her mother die in front of her. As of today the accident occurred 4 months ago and the driver has still yet to be charged with anything. A lot of speculation from the “word on the streets” are that he was hungover from the night before and probably was on his cell phone at the time of accident. What ever the reasoning, it still isn’t fair that some one took my beautiful wife’s life away for something that could be easily avoided. If only everyone drove their car with care and consideration of other peoples life’s. Nothing I can say or do can ever change anyones driving behaviors, it is because humans don’t learn from something because someone told them, it’s because they don’t think “it couldn’t happen to me, I got this” mentality that ends up taking someones life and they don’t learn their lesson until the “deed” is done. It is so sad and unfortunate that there is always “that one guy” out there every few seconds killing or severely hurting others because the don’t drive with “respect”. My wife was such a careful and good driver and to be killed by a bad driver is such a blow.

The Brutality

The Grief is extremely tough on me and our daughter. Life is now without color, excitement and more like an endless hell that is on replay of what happened.

Please share this website and our youtube channel with others that are going through the same situations. We hope to bring inspiration and light to others and once bebe and I are mentally strong enough, we want to interactively help others in the same situations.

We love you dearly honey and miss you more than ever. The pain at times is unbearable but we hang in there for you. You will live on in our hearts forever and you will never be forgotten. Your story WILL be told and the world will know how amazing of a person you where and still are.

Till we meet again,

Love – Your Husband and Daughter

Youtube – www.youtube.com/c/dabebe